About Me

Art is a language I use to express my heart, my soul and my mind’s eye.

I create because I believe that the world needs more beauty, serenity and peace. Art is my way of giving those things to the world.

My work is influenced by my life. Art and beauty were at the heart of my life growing up in the old city of Damascus. In Damascus, I found beauty all around me: in the old stones, the scent of jasmine, the ancient architecture and the sounds of music and poetry permeating the streets.

I am a self-taught artist primarily using charcoal, graphite, oil paint and watercolor. I rely on my instincts in creating and I try to learn and grow through experimentation with different mediums. I enjoy creating women’s portraits because I am interested expressing the depth, strength and beauty of the female soul, particularly through the eyes.

I enjoy hearing people’s reactions to my work as it helps me to grow and learn. I hope to hear from you what you like about my work. I hope my art speaks to you as it does to me.

I am currently living and creating in Sweden.